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Free Rainbow is using the BOINC client to distribute the workload to multiple clients
By downloading and installing this software, the machine will contribute to the generation of more tables, using the idle CPU power.
All tables generated are freely available for download from the mirrors (See the tables page)

BOINC Client:

BOINC (Windows x86)
BOINC (Windows x64 and Linux)

To contribute to the project, download the BOINC client and point it to the project url
You need to create a seperate account for BOINC. If you use the same email for your account at and, you will be able to view statistics about your progress.

How it works:
DistrRTgen is based on Zhu Shuanglei's Project Rainbow Crack.
The client connects to a server, which delegates work between all clients and designates you part of a table to generate. Your computer generates it's designated 'part', and uploads it to the server, upon which you are designated the next part.


converti2 is a tool to convert .rt and .rti tables to the .rti2 format  Download win32 vc  Download win64 vc  Download win32 mingw  Download win64 mingw  Download Source 

rcracki_mt is our modified version of rcrack which supports hybrid and indexed tables. In addition to that, it also adds multi-core support  Download win32  Download linux  Download Source 

rcracki_mt cuda releases
Prebiult Nvidia cuda binaries.  Download win32  Download linux x86_64 

rcracki_mt beta releases
Be sure to check notes and keep up to date on the forum about use of beta versions. 

rti2rto is a tool to convert the indexed tables into original rainbow tables to use with other tools not supporting .rti files, like Cain.  Download win32 vc  Download win64 vc  Download win32 mingw  Download win64 mingw  Download Source 

project source tree
Visit project source tree 

file format documentation
file format specification RTI2.0